Consultation on disposal of site in accordance with Section 77 of the Schools Standards & Framework Act 1998.

The proposal to dispose of playing field land (hard surfaced playground only) at Dorset Road Infant School, Dorset Road, Mottingham SE9 4QX

This page has been prepared to provide members of the public with additional information relating to the disposal of the former Dorset Road Infants School site. 

Notice published in the New Shopper on 19 October 2022 under Section 77 of the Schools Standards & Framework Act 1998 as amended.

The Spring Partnership Trust have amalgamated Dorset Road Infant School with Castlecombe Primary School and created Elmstead Wood Primary School.   All pupils at Elmstead Primary School can be accommodated at the former Castlecombe Primary School site and the Dorset Road Infant School site has been vacant since 2019.  The amalgamation was approved by the Department for Education, on agreement that proceeds from the disposal of Dorset Road Infant school are allocated to improve facilities at Elmstead Wood Primary School. 

The Spring Partnership Trust no longer requires the site and have returned it to London Borough of Bromley as the freehold owner.  The council proposes to dispose of 0.124 hectares of land, or thereabouts, known as Dorset Road Infant School, Dorset Road, Mottingham, comprising an assortment of buildings and hard surfaced playground, which has been declared surplus to requirements.

Any person who wishes to make representation regarding the disposal of this land should do so, in writing or by email, to the Director for Education, London Borough of Bromley, Civic Centre, Stockwell Close, Bromley BR1 3UH or by email to  quoting Former Dorset Road Infants School no later than 5pm on 5 December 2022.

Plan showing the proposed disposal area.

Additional information about the disposal

Why is the council proposing to dispose of Dorset Road Infant School site?

The amalgamation of the Dorset Road Infant School and Castlecombe Primary School academies, operated by The Spring Partnership Trust, has been approved by the Department for Education. The new amalgamated school is called Elmstead Wood Primary School and is based at the Castlecombe Primary School site.  The pupils have been accommodated on the new site, and the Dorset Road Infant School has been unoccupied since 2019.

Why is there no longer going to be a school on site?

There is no longer a requirement for a school on the site due to the amalgamation and it is surplus to requirements. The Academy Trust has surrendered the school site held under their academy lease back to the council as the freehold owner for disposal.  

What is planned for the land? 

The council has considered options and its Executive on 24 November 2022 agreed to the disposal of the site on the open market.  Currently it is not known what the proposed use of the site will be. Any alternative future use is likely to require a planning application, at which point public consultation would be undertaken providing local residents the opportunity to comment on any proposals that come forward.

How long will redevelopment take place?

This consultation is to gain consent to remove statutory protection for education use of the site. It is not currently known how long any redevelopment of the site would take

What is S77 consultation and General Consent Order?

This is the statutory process used by the Department of Education to protect playing fields including play hardstanding. Any local authority disposing of school land is required to apply to the Secretary of State for Education and must demonstrate it has consulted with local schools and other interested parties on a proposed disposal. 

Why are the public’s views being sought on the previous stopped up footpath?

As part of the school extension in 1996, the former public footpath adjacent to the school located between Dorset Road and Portland Road was acquired by way of a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO). At the time of the CPO, the council agreed with the Mottingham Residents’ Association that they should be consulted if the school closed.  In accordance with this commitment members will give due consideration to the latter’s views.