Since the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 became law, new measures have been introduced, enabling local authorities to fine anyone committing an envirocrime that damages the street scene.  London Councils have agreed set levels of fines to cover all of the London area.  Please see details of fines and offences below.

Uniformed enforcement officers from Ward Security are working with us to target littering and dog fouling issues in town centres, issuing fixed penalty notices (FPNs) for offences. We are operating a zero tolerance policy on litter, including discarded cigarette butts and chewing gum litter.

 Pay a fixed penalty notice (FPN) 


A fixed penalty notice could be issued if you:

  • Abandon a vehicle in the street - see details of our free surrendered vehicle service
  • Cause damage through graffiti or fly posting
  • Drop litter, including cigarette ends, chewing gum, drinks cans, fast food packaging, or any other rubbish
  • Spit on the road, pavement, or any other public open space.
  • Deposit rubbish or flytip any material on the road, pavement, or any other public open space - remember that you must use a licensed waste carrier to dispose of waste not collected by us
  • Place your household rubbish or trade waste out for collection on the pavement unless you have a special dispensation from the council
  • Place your waste or trade waste in a public litter bin or do not ensure that your waste is properly contained
  • Fail to comply with a dog control order


Fixed penalty notice and costs
Offence Paid in 14 days (outside of 10 days) Paid in 10 days Maximum penalty on conviction
Depositing litter £80 No discount £2,500
Unauthorised distribution of free printed matter on designated land £80 £50 £2,500
Failure to comply with a dog control order £80 No discount £1,000
Graffiti and fly posting £80 £50 £1,000 to £5,000 dependent on the offence
Failure to nominate a key holder (within an alarm notification area) or to notify local authority in writing of nominated key holder's details £80 £50 £1,000
Noise from dwellings £110 £60 £1,000
Failure to comply with a street litter control notice and failure to comply with a litter clearing notice £110 £60 £2,500
Nuisance parking £100 £60 £2,500
Failure to comply with a waste receptacle notice £110 £60 £1,000
Abandoning a vehicle £200 £120 £2,500 or imprisonment (for a term not exceeding three months or both)
Failure to furnish waste carrier's licence £300 £180 £5,000
Failure to produce waste transfer notes £300 £180 Unlimited (on indictment)
Noise from licensed premises £300 n/a £5,000

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