Tree friends

Tree Friends are volunteers who help the council's tree team maintain a healthy tree stock across the borough through a number of small works which add great value to the street scene:

  • removal of basal growth (small shoots at the base of trees which can obstruct the footway)
  • watering young trees as they establish
  • checking and adjusting tree ties where necessary
  • inspecting trees and reporting on issues including pests and diseases
  • identifying locations for new trees to enhance the tree stock and street scene.

If you would like to support our work and become a Tree Friend, you can complete the registration form. We will provide training and support to individuals or groups.

Watering of new trees

The council's tree-watering programme aims to help new trees get established and grow successfully. We are grateful to any residents who would like to supplement this with additional watering (especially in the summer months), to ensure they flourish in the early stages of their life.

Watering a new young tree

The video below shows how to successfully water a new young tree.

If you plan on watering a nearby tree, please ensure you follow the correct method when doing so.

Only carry enough water at one time that you are physically fit enough to carry, and no more than 10 litres if you are a woman or 15 litres if you are a man. Please refer to the Manual Handling Operations Regulations: A Brief Guide, that can be found at

Each new tree is supported by two stakes and has a green watering bag around its trunk that has a small slit in it for pouring water into. Watering bags are designed to allow water to slowly percolate onto the root ball of the tree. If the watering bag needs to be replaced e.g. if it is leaking from the side or it has not emptied within two days, please report it to us.

Ideally water the trees in the early morning or in the evening, using recycled water where possible such as used dishwater or collected rainwater.

The first three years are the most important, and do ensure that the trees are regularly watered throughout the growing season especially during dry periods (young trees require at least 50 litres of water each week from May to August).

You can find further information on taking care of your local trees in the Tree Friends Toolkit.

Request a new public tree to be planted

If you are aware of an empty tree pit somewhere in the borough, or if you would like to request a tree to be planted outside your property, you can submit a request to

Further information

You may like to find out more about our work with other volunteer groups like Street Friends who help us by removing litter and reporting problems such as graffiti in their street, Friends of Parks who care for their local parks and green spaces, and Snow Friends who help clear snow and ice during the winter.

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