Clock House Station area – proposed CPZ Z1 extension (Part conversion of roads in Z2 to Z1)

The Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) Z2 operates in the Clock House Rail Station area. The council has received a petition from nearby residents in Sidney Road, Kendall Avenue and Kendall Road, stating they would like the controlled hours to be extended. The council considered the request and concluded that there might be a benefit if we incorporated all the roads within CPZ Z2 west of the railway line, into CPZ Z1. The restructure will then have a very coherent area with similar restrictions. The roads include:

• Sidney Road

• Kendall Avenue

• Kendall Road

• Churchfields Road (only the section that's currently within the CPZ Z2)

• Blandford Avenue

• Beckenham Road (southern side - between the railway line and Sidney Road)

The council is now looking to change the CPZ Z2 permit eligibility in the roads above from CPZ Z2 to CPZ Z1, thereby extending CPZ Z1. These changes will include different signing on the road.

We are consulting to seek your views on your preference to be included in the CPZ ‘Z1', which is operational from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 6.30 pm.

The consultation closed on Sunday 16 October 2022.