Proposed Chislehurst controlled parking zone (CPZ) Q - consultation report

The council surveyed the Albany Road area about parking challenges and asked whether they would consider a possible CPZ in March 2022. The results showed that there were roads that were in favour of controls. The council then drafted the preliminary design of the proposed CPZ.

Officers engaged councillors about the proposed consultation area and were asked to include some roads west of the High Street, as they received complaints from the area. The council conducted the preliminary design consultation in November 2022, and most respondents voted against the proposals. However, when the results were considered on a road-by-road basis, it became evident that the initial cluster of roads that complained about parking was still in favour of controls.

During this consultation, Park Road voted against controls, but it is surrounded by roads that want a CPZ. And Empress Drive is the only road west of the High Street that wants a CPZ. It is recommended that Park Road is included in the CPZ whilst Empress Drive is excluded.


At the preliminary design stage residents can see what the layout of parking bays would be on their road and in relation to existing street furniture and driveways. This stage allows officers the opportunity to receive feedback and make changes before a scheme is taken to the statutory consultation stage where the proposals are made permanent.

Who we consulted 

We consulted a wider area to the survey stage after councillor input.  The area was bordered by Green Lane on the East, The Pond and Camden Grove to the south, side roads of Willow Grove as far west as Walden road and including Barham road and Victoria Rad to the north.

How we consulted

We hand-delivered letters through the residents’ letter boxes.

The engagement details were also published on the council’s website. It clearly stated that respondents had the opportunity to call us if they did not have access to the internet. If required, we would then explain the proposal over the phone or send out hard copies of the proposals. 

Dates and duration

The consultation period ran for a period of three weeks, from 18 November until 11 December 2023

Methods of consultation

Respondents could express their views, via telephone, email or complete an online survey application.