Detailed design consultation

Proposed  controlled parking zone (CPZ)  and traffic measures, Surrey Road, Sussex Road, North Road and Kent Road.

In response to complaints the council has received regarding parking problems and traffic flow issues in Surrey Road and the surrounding roads, we surveyed the area in 2021 to establish the seriousness of the concerns. The council distributed 103 engagement letters in June 2021, and we received 48 per cent response. From the survey result, the council learnt that most respondents (86 per cent and 69 per cent, respectively) support a CPZ in the area and a one-way system on Surrey Road, Sussex Road, and North Road. Considering the details above, the council proposes the introduction of a CPZ. If the majority of respondents are in favour of controls, the zone will be called CPZ ‘P’. Resident permits would cost between £50 and £100 (per annum) depending on the operational duration of the zone. Visitor Permits costs £55 (per book of 15).

Information on what CPZs are and how they work

 Residents in the affected roads have received a letter to complete a consultation for these proposals.

We also propose a one-way traffic flow system where traffic will move northbound on Surrey Road, eastwards on North Road and southbound on Sussex Road. Given that the road is narrow, the proposals aim to improve the traffic flow in the area.

This consultation closed on Thursday 24 March 2022.