An area where a controlled parking zone (CPZ) applies includes a number of roads where waiting restrictions apply at a specified time.  The times of restriction are indicated by signs placed on the entrances and exits to the zone.  Individual signs will only be present within a CPZ where a restriction varies to the rest of the zone, i.e. disabled bays, loading bays, permit bays and yellow lines where the restriction times differ to those shown on the zone plates.

The Bromley Town Centre - Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) map (PDF - 2.97 MB) shows the inner and outer areas of the zone and examples of CPZ signage. 

Permit zones often fall within CPZs.  The number of permit holder spaces within each permit zone is the result of a detailed survey to identify available space to park safely and the demand for parking in the vicinity.

Requests for a CPZ

Many requests for CPZs are received from different locations in the borough. We endeavour to provide a balance between parking for residents and other drivers, rather than displacing parking issues to other locations.   As such, permit parking schemes are not looked at in isolation; i.e. just one road, but are likely to form part of a wider scheme, so that permit holders are more likely to find a space in the zone.  It would be impractical to implement residents only parking in all roads due to the negative impact this would have on visitors.  Grass verges, trees or public spaces cannot be removed in order to create new parking spaces. 

A new CPZ will only be considered if all of the following applies:

  • off-street parking is not available for the majority of the residents,
  • the request involves more than one road or small area,
  • there is no possibility that parking will be displaced unnecessarily to other locations in the borough,
  • a parking survey has identified parking problems in the area, 
  • any existing parking problems are not the result of residents parking on the road, as there is no point in introducing permit charges for residents who will then compete for the same number of parking spaces,
  • the majority of residents support the request for a CPZ.

If you wish to enquire about a CPZ, please complete our traffic enquiry contact form