Residents in a selected area will receive a letter from 16 February detailing the following - In December 2023, the council surveyed the Lezayre Road area bounded by Glentrammon Road to the north and east, Vine Road and Worlds End Lane to the south and the High Street the west. The survey sought views on the possible introduction of a controlled parking zone (CPZ). The council distributed 380 letters and received 131 responses constituting a 35 per cent response rate.

The results showed that 52 per cent (68) of respondents said they think the council should introduce a CPZ in the area. Please note that we have excluded the High Street, Glentrammon Road, Pincheck and Vine Road from our CPZ proposals as they were not in favour of controls.

Considering the details above, the council proposes to progress by introducing a CPZ. If most respondents favour controls, the zone will be called CPZ 'GSG'. The questionnaire offers options for the zone's operational times. The options include an area operating between Monday to Friday, Saturday or Sunday. And where the operational times stretch over part of the day (e.g. 10am to 12noon) or a full day (e.g. 8:30am to 6:30pm).

Resident permits would cost £150 (per annum) for full-day zones and £80 (per annum) for part-time zones. Visitor Permits would cost £55 or £45 respectively (per book of 15).

Details of the proposed layout, information on what CPZs are and how they work can be found via the questionnaire.

Proposed Green Street Green controlled parking zone ‘GSG' consultation

We are also holding a public exhibition at the Greenwood Centre, 4 High Street, Green Street Green, BR6 6BQ on Monday 26 February between 17:00pm and 20:00pm where residents can walk in and speak to officers about the proposal.

This consultation closes on Friday 8 March 2024.