Proposed parking scheme – Jackson Road area consultation

We wrote to all 300 residents to seek their views on the council’s proposal to introduce measures to regulate on-street parking along the east-west arm of Jackson Road, Bradford Close, Copthorne Road and Hastings Road slip road between Nos. 137 and 147 shown on drawing numbers 14430-02-1 and 14430-02-2.

The proposal is in response to complaints received regarding hazardous conditions created by inconsiderate parking in the area, which is particularly acute during the weekday. The proposed measures are intended to improve access and safety whilst protecting kerb space for short-stay parking needs of local businesses and visitors.

This consultation closed on Wednesday 1 March 2023. Thank you to all who responded.

Consultation report February 2023


The council received complaints about inconsiderate parking in the area, which creates access issues particularly during the weekday. In response to these, we conducted an online consultation on a proposed scheme to regulate the parking.


The purpose of the informal consultation was to get the views of residents and businesses in the area on the scheme proposed to regulate parking for improved access and safety whilst protecting space for short-stay parking needs of local businesses and visitors.

Who we consulted

Occupiers of the following addresses: Jackson Road Nos. 1d to 41 & Nos. 2a to 66, Hasell Park Place (all), Bradford Close (all), Copthorne Avenue (all) and Hastings Road slip road Nos. 137-147.

How we consulted

Hand-delivered letter to each address, inviting the occupier to visit the web portal provided to view the proposal in detail and give their views on it by completing a questionnaire.

We also published the consultation details on the council’s website, stating that consultees could telephone us for help and anyone without access to the internet would have details of the proposal explained to them and/or a hard copy of these sent to them.

Dates and duration

We conducted the consultation between 1 February and 1 March 2023. We delivered the letter to 152 addresses and received seventy-eight responses, translating to a response rate of 51 percent. 

Methods of responding

Respondents had the choice to express their views by completing a questionnaire via the telephone, email or online.

Summarized observation from respondents:

The majority of respondents who park on-street in the area say they do not experience problems parking and so do not support the proposed scheme. Only five percent of respondents are business occupiers. Although the majority of respondents say they do not support the proposal, they however, repeated the previously raised safety/access concerns caused by parking obstruction/congestion near Jackson Road junction with Hastings Road. In addition, we received a petition signed by eighteen of the twenty-three addresses in Bradford Close, opposing the proposal for their road. 

Consultation summary from questionnaire returns:

Question 1. Do you experience parking problems in your road?


Yes                   32                    41 percent of respondents

 No                   47                    59 percent of respondents


Question 2. Do you currently park on-street?


 Yes                 51                    65 percent of respondents

 No                   27                   35 percent  of respondents


Question 3. Do you feel parking conditions in your road need to be improved?


Yes                 37                    47 percent of respondents

No                   41                    53 percent  of respondents


Question 4. Do you support the proposed Jackson Road area parking scheme?


Yes                   22                    28 percent of respondents

 No                   56                    72 percent of respondents


Question 5. Are you a:-

Resident                   66                    85 percent of respondents

Business user          5                       6 percent of respondents

Both                          7                      9 percent of respondents



On the basis of these results, we have changed the current proposal to the one detailed on the drawing number 14430-04 to resolve the issues raised about parking in the vicinity of Jackson Road/Hastings Road junction. The measures retained from the initial proposal consists of:  

  1. Extending the existing double yellow lines in Hastings Road slip road to No. 147 and in Jackson Road to a point outside No. 6
  2. Introducing a short section of double yellow lines adjacent to No.135 Hastings Road and at the corner of Jackson Road/Hastings Road slip road
  3. Introducing a loading bay in Jackson Road adjacent to No. 135 Hastings Road
  4. Introducing cashless parking bays in Jackson Road adjacent to No.135 Hastings Road and in Hastings Road opposite Nos. 137-147
  5. Introducing (north-to-south) one-way working on Hastings Road slip road

We have dropped the initially proposed single yellow line between Nos.1d and 41 Jackson Road and double yellow lines in Bradford Close.

It is recommended to re-consult in the coming weeks, just those occupiers likely to be directly affected by this modified proposal for their comments and then publish the statutory (draft TMO) consultation afterwards.