Pruning and maintenance

We are responsible for and maintain trees in the following locations in the borough.

  • streets
  • parks, woodlands and open spaces
  • cemeteries and churchyards
  • allotments

We ensure trees remain safe and healthy through a regular programme of tree inspections, condition surveys and remedial works. 

Maintenance work can include removal of lower branches if they’re causing an obstruction, reducing the tree’s overall size, dead wood removal, tree felling for safety reasons, planting new and replacement trees and watering new, young trees.

Frequently asked questions

Can I prune or trim a tree which overhangs my property?

If you are the property owner, you are legally entitled to prune any branches that overhang your property, including council maintained trees, and cut them back to the boundary line. You may need to contact us before carrying out the work. Please see guidance about pruning or trimming trees.

A council maintained tree is blocking light and shading my property - what will you do?

We can’t undertake work to trees that we own or manage simply because they affect the light or shade on your property but you can prune or trim trees that overhang your property.

A council maintained tree is causing structural damage to my property, what should I do?

Contact your home insurance company for advice – they will identify the reason for the damage and contact us if the subsidence is proven to be related to the tree. 

A council maintained tree is causing damage to a path, wall, driveway, fence or similar on my property - what should I do?

Please report the details to us at

Falling leaves or fruit from trees can make pavements and roads slippery and messy, what will you do about it?

The annual autumn leaf clearance programme, along with regular street cleaning, helps keep roads and pavements clear. Whilst it’s impossible to keep streets completely free of leaves, litter and rubbish all of the time, if there is a particular problem with leaves please report it.