Carrying out work on trees

Before carrying out any work to trees you must check and contact us if the tree


Dealing with overhanging trees 

If none of the above conditions applies and you are the property owner, you are legally entitled to prune any branches that overhang your property, including council maintained trees, and cut them back to the boundary line.  

You must ensure:

  • All pruning cuts are executed to a professional standard with no rips, tears, stubs, or other practises that could be detrimental to the health of the tree or users of the highway. See advice about using a tree surgeon. 
  • Arisings are properly disposed of including any remaining debris, shavings and twigs. If you arrange for another person or company to dispose of this waste they must be a registered waste carrier.


Using a tree surgeon

We recommend obtaining at least two written quotations (these are usually free) and a statement of insurance cover. If you have any doubts about a company's insurance, ask to see the policy and receipts to confirm up-to-date cover. To get competitive prices you will need to be clear about the following: 

  • What work is required 
  • Disposal of debris - do you want the contractor to do this for you or can it be disposed of on site? Most contractors have chippers, which makes disposal easier 
  • If you are keeping large pieces of timber, do you want them cut into logs and if so what size? 
  • If you are having a tree removed do you want the stump removed? Most contractors have stump grinders but all can arrange it for you. Remember this will add to the cost 
  • Is the contractor NPTC (National Proficiency Tests Council) qualified?