Tree management strategy - Monitoring and review

This strategy will be monitored and reviewed to ensure its successful implementation. The strategy and all individual policies will be reviewed every five years to respond to the changes in the borough, any new or revised legislation and/or emerging best practice.

The council will produce an annual report against the following indicators which are designed to monitor progress against the aims and objectives of this strategy.

Indicator 1 Number of new and replacement trees planted.
Indicator 2 Number of trees planted in community projects.
Indicator 3 Mortality rate of newly planted trees (As a percentage).
Indicator 4

Number of trees removed per annum, categorised by:

  • Street trees
  • Park trees
  • Trees on council owned and controlled education sites
  • Trees in woodland and conservation sites
Indicator 5 Number of trees inspected in biennial and triennial cycles.
Indicator 6 Number of trees prunes per annum.
Indicator 7 Number of registered tree friends.
Indicator 8 Number of arboriculture enquiries processed through Fix My Street.
Indicator 9 Number of conservation area applications processed.
Indicator 10 Number of TPO applications received.
Indicator 11 Number of new TPOs issued.
Indicator 12 Number of tree planning contraventions investigated.
Indicator 13 Total amount of compensation paid to the council in relation to trees removed or damaged by development (including through s106 monies).