Keeping your online services safe and secure

When you are dealing with Bromley Council or indeed any organisation online it’s important to adopt secure practices. 

Emails asking for personal or financial information

Criminal are getting very good at sending emails which look like they come from an organisation you have an account with. If you receive one which looks like it is from Bromley Council and is asking for financial or personal information it is a fake:

  • Do not reply;
  • Do not click on any links;
  • Do not open any attachments;
  • Do report it by email to but do not include personal or financial information other than your email address and name.

Make your password secure

  • Use different passwords for different websites;
  • Never show anyone else your password;
  • Do not use similar passwords for example – London1, London2
  • Protect your phone, tablet or laptop
  • Use PINs or passwords in case they are lost or stolen
  • Use different PINs and passwords for each device

Further information

There is much more information on keeping your devices safe at