Wake Up 2 Care recruitment initiative

Wake Up 2 Care is a recruitment and retention initiative to support care home businesses across the borough by recruiting new carers into the profession and supporting them through the first six months of their employment.

If you are looking to enter the caring profession within our borough, please get in contact so that we can help.  You may be looking for a career change, are retired or currently working part time, and applications are welcome.

About the scheme

The Wake Up 2 Care scheme consists of the following organisations working in partnership with our Reablement and Workforce Development teams

  • Glebe Housing Association
  • Clairleigh Nursing Home
  • Mission Care
  • Nellsar Ltd
  • Sage Care Homes

The NHS Bromley Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Skills for Care are also partners in an advisory capacity.

The Wake Up 2 Care project, with government funding, has been created as a route to attract people to the care profession who may never have considered it before, with the project funded from the Improved Better Care Fund (IBCF).

The scheme will:

  • Identify, recruit and train those interested in becoming a care worker and provide them with a clear development pathway.
  • Help create a skilled workforce who are motivated to work and remain in the care profession in Bromley.

It is estimated that by 2030, the number of people aged over 85 will have doubled.  This means that care services will be an important part of more people’s lives.  Therefore, effective recruitment and retention of a caring and skilled adult social care workforce has a central role to play in delivering high quality care and support to people who need it.  


If you are interested in becoming a care worker with one of partner organisations under Wake Up 2 Care programme please download, complete and return the expression of interest form to WakeUp2Care@bromley.gov.uk

Next steps

New care workers will be offered a contract with one of our partner organisations and will be supported by Bromley Workforce Development whilst they work (e.g. providing specialist development covering the 15 Care Certificate Standards).

Our Workforce Development team will also provide care certificate assessors within the partner organisations with a support programme to help them support the new carers as effectively as possible.

Additionally, Bromley Workforce Development will commission an independent practice educator to oversee the new carers’ practice during the first six months of their employment.

Wake Up 2 Care Team

Tel: 020 8313 4050