Priority Services Register

Utility providers are required to deliver a Priority Services Register, where vulnerable residents can register to receive extra support. This can be particularly important in emergencies, for example if a power cut occurs, to ensure that you get the extra support and assistance that you may need.


You can apply to be on the Priority Services Register if:

  • you rely on medical equipment
  • you have refrigerated medicines
  • you have a serious or chronic illness
  • you have a disability
  • you or someone you care for is living with dementia
  •  you are of a pensionable age
  • you have children under five in your household
  • you need extra support for a short time period (e.g. if you are recovering from medical treatment)

Individual cases may also be considered, so if you feel you are eligible to join the Priority Services Register, you should contact your supplier using the contact information provided on this page.

If you register, you could receive

  • free advice on being more energy-efficient
  • protection from cold callers with a password protection scheme to keep you safe
  • your meter moved free of charge if it's hard for you to use or read the meter
  • a free quarterly meter reading if you can't read your meter
  • bills sent to a relative, carer or friend to help you check them
  • your bills and meter readings in a braille, large print, audio tape, textphone or typetalk if you're visually impaired
  • advance notice if your supply is going to be interrupted
  • priority reconnection if your supply is interrupted
  •  alternative facilities for cooking and heating if your supply is interrupted
  • extra help to use your meter or appliances
  • annual gas safety checks

Services and contacts

UK Power Networks - if you live in London, the East or South East of England, then being on the Priority Services Register will ensure you will receive extra support if you experience a power cut. To register, call 0800 169 9970, email or apply online.

Thames Water - to register for priority services from Thames water, email or call 0800 009 3652. Their lines are open 8am - 8pm from Monday to Friday, 1pm on Saturday and closed on Sunday and bank holidays or  sign up for priority services online.

SES Water -  To register for the Helping Hand Scheme from SES Water call the customer service team on 01737 772000.

Gas Supply: Southern Gas Networks - will contact resident prior to projects starting and ask people to register if they are vulnerable. General registration is through your gas supplier.

You can also contact your energy supplier and register with them directly, but remember to re-register if you change supplier!

Further information

More information about priority services visit the Citizens Advice website