Pest control in private rented accommodation

We may be able to take action to ensure your landlord treats your property for pests for example mice, bedbugs and cockroaches.

Contact us if you:

  • have just moved into your property and the infestation was already there.
  • live in a House in Multiple Occupation , we may take enforcement action to ensure your landlord treats the entire property for pests such as cockroaches and bedbugs.

If the infestation has occurred recently and you have lived in the property for some time, it would generally be your responsibility to arrange pest control treatment. However if there are clear defects to the structure of the property that has caused the infestation, we would expect your landlord to arrange the pest control treatment and necessary proofing works.

If it is your responsibility to arrange a pest control treatment and if you do not do so, we may take action against you if the pests cause a nuisance to any neighbouring properties.

More about our pest control service.