CareLink and assistive technology allow people to live in their own homes with greater independence. They are sometimes known as Telecare. There are a wide range of alarms and assistive technology equipment available that can summon help, support with security and peace of mind 24 hours a day.


CareLink is an alarm response service that supports vulnerable people to remain safe in their own home by enabling them to summon help in an emergency.

Who can use the service

  • Vulnerable people at risk, who meet the eligibility criteria for adults.
  • Younger people with disabilities can also apply to have the service and should speak to their care manager or to an occupational therapist.

The service can be obtained on a private basis provided certain criteria are met. Individuals will need to complete a declaration form to ensure they meet these criteria.

The service is intended for people who:

  • Can understand how to use an alarm or digital device.
  • Individuals that live alone and may be socially isolated.
  • Persons who are frail and at risk of falls.
  • Individuals who rely on the support of a spouse or carer in their own home.
  • Those who may benefit from CareLink to help them to continue to live independently at home.


Address: Civic Centre, Stockwell Close, Bromley, BR1 3UH

Telephone: 020 8461 7777