How does the scheme work

The calls are handled by Bromley calls handler, Invicta Telecare who hold an accreditation to Telecare Services Association. All calls are voice recorded.

Carelink staff are employees of Bromley Council. All staff carry the council's identification cards and use council's fleet cars which are also marked with Carelink's service logo.

The alarm scheme operates every day of the year. Customers are provided with a telephone alarm unit, which allows two way voice contact with the control centre operators. In an emergency, help can be summoned by either :

  • pressing a button on the alarm unit; or
    pressing a remote trigger, which is worn or carried by the customer.

We recommend that you test the alarm equipment on a monthly basis by pressing the remote trigger (pendant).

A demonstration of how the equipment works can be requested via Carelink main telephone number: 020 8466 0046

Trained operators at Invicta's control centre  receive the alarm call  and immediately deal with the emergency. Carelink employs its own team of mobile response officers who can attend emergencies any time of the day or night.  The Carelink staff are based in Central Bromley at the services office.


a service where the control operators will talk to you via the alarm unit when the alarm is triggered to find out what is wrong.  They will alert the friend, relative or neighbour who holds a key to your property to request they visit you, if you need help in an emergency. It is preferable to have three nominated key holders.  If your nominated key holder cannot be reached or cannot attend, Carelink may send their mobile staff for which a call out charge is payable.  For details of charges please refer to the section on "costs". If it is required Carelink can hold a key for you in the event that your key holders cannot attend. The mobile officer will confirm this with you at the time the alarm unit is installed.

Full Mobile Response

for this service, which costs slightly  more each week, Carelink hold the keys to your property in their central Bromley office and when you activate the alarm in an emergency they will send a Mobile Response officer to attend and assist you. You do not have to have any other nominated key holder when you have this service.  Some customers like to have "key safes" at their properties and the key safe code number would be held by Carelink  so the officers  can gain access. For more information on  "key safes" contact Carelink's main office telephone number 020 8466 0046.  Age concern also offer information on "Key safes".

Bromley Carelink promises to

  • install your alarm equipment in a safe and unobtrusive way.
  • monitor your alarm 24 hours a day every day of the year
  • respond to alarm calls quickly and practicably at all times of the day or night
  • respond immediately to requests for assistance by contacting one of their mobile response officers, your
  • key holder, doctor, relative, or one of the emergency services
  • repair any faults to your alarm within 24 hours of being notified of the fault
  • ensure you understand how the equipment works and what will happen if you call for assistance
  • carry out yearly visits to your property  to ensure your alarm is working properly
  • keep all personal information held at the Carelink office and the control centre confidential
  • keep all keys/key safe details  held at Carelink Bromley office in a coded secure system within a secure
  • location to which only authorised personnel have access
  • update your records as soon as you tell us of any changes.