Dealing with green garden waste

These are many ways to dispose of your garden waste, including our garden waste collection service, the reuse and recycling centres and the Green St Green weekend site.

If you can travel, you could take your garden waste to Waldo Road or Churchfields Road reuse and recycling centre. The centres accept garden waste all-year-round but check webcams and opening hours first, to help plan your visit at less busy times.

Another option is to take your garden waste to one of the temporary garden waste sites. However, if you’re a frequent gardener and need to dispose of garden waste regularly, for an annual fee of £70 our garden waste home collection service might suit you.

If you are considering allowing somebody else to dispose of your waste, please be wary of unsolicited calls from people offering to get rid of your waste. Unscrupulous operators could fly-tip it in a quiet road or green space to avoid paying the cost of legitimate waste disposal, and you could be fined up to £5,000 if you have not made proper checks. Ask for their waste carrier registration details and verify them by checking Legitimate waste carriers won’t mind being asked what is going to happen with your waste and will be prepared to give you proof that your waste will be disposed of appropriately.