How to apply step by step guide

Step by step guide to applying for a crossover

Step 1 ...  Getting permission

The standard surface material for vehicle crossings is concrete modular block paving.

Please take time to read our crossover policy and guidelines (PDF - 353.91 KB) before applying as the £100 administration fee is non-refundable. 

If the surface of the front garden to be covered is more than five square metres, you will need planning permission if you use traditional materials such as impermeable concrete, where there was no facility in place to ensure permeability. Unless front garden hard-standing of over 5 square metres is constructed from porous materials or provision is made to direct water run-off, planning permission will be required. Further guidance about permeable surfacing

Planning permission will also be required for multiply occupancy dwellings (e.g. flats, maisonettes etc) and for those on the classified road (PDF - 46.49 KB) network.

If planning permission is needed, we will send you an application form which should be returned with the planning fee. If your application is acceptable to the planners, there are no safety issues and it meets our regulations we will build your crossover. If you are not the registered freeholder, you will need to get and send us the property owner's permission for the crossover and any hard-standing to be built.

Step 2... Making your application

Fill in the crossover application form (PDF - 115.09 KB) making sure you sign and date it, and complete a sketch of the proposed crossover. There is an example of the type of sketch required included on the application form.

Please return the form ensuring a daytime contact number is provided. Our accounts team will contact you to take the £100 administration fee (non-refundable) by telephone. 

Step 3... Site visit and quotation

The site will be inspected by the appropriate officers, they may need to come onto your property to take measurements. In most cases as long as sufficient information is supplied with the vehicle crossover application, a joint site meeting with the applicant is not required. You may be contacted to arrange a site visit if we need more information. Please note that a proposal for a new crossover will need to satisfy both planning and highway requirements before it can proceed.

If your application is successful you will receive a letter from us to say your application has been approved and include a quotation of the costs required to proceed. Do not carry out any works to your property prior to receiving this letter of approval for the vehicle crossover.

Step 4... Payment and work

If you accept the quotation, please send us full payment in advance. We will give payment details at the time. Your drive (hard-standing) must be built before we arrive to construct your crossover.