There are five areas in Bromley Town Centre where promotional activities can take place.  Promotional activities can include:

The launch of a new business that the owner seeks to promote.

Promotion of a new service or product being marketed by a business/organisation. 

A new public awareness campaign. 

Promotion of an event by a charity. 

The responsibility for obtaining the permission of Bromley Council and for following all conditions that it may stipulate are solely those of the applicant. 

Anyone found to be undertaking any promotional activity that is:

  • Not licenced to do so. 
  • Not within one of the designated areas
  • In contravention of any stipulations of Bromley Council

May result in enforcement action being taken against the applicant including excluding them from making any future and/or continuing with any confirmed bookings.  

Applying for a promotional area

Before applying applicants should read

  • the description of the promotional areas which will help applicants to decide which one is best suited to their requirements
  • the terms and conditions that all promotional activities need to be aware of and abide to at all times.

Promotional areas available

The five areas shown on our promotional areas map - (PDF  346 KB) and you can download images of the promotional area (PDF - 1.62 MB).

Area descriptions

Promotional Area 1: Upper Terrace (Market Square)

Area size 5m by 3m, situated on the Upper Terrace outside 22 Market Square (currently the Lakelands store). This space is suitable for gazebos and promotional stands but not for trailers. 

Promotional Area 2: Outside 165-167 High Street (Barclays)

Area size 10m by 3m. Suitable for a stall or small marquee, this location is sited at the top end of the pedestrianised area at the edge of Market Square. This area is not available on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturday’s due to the Bromley Charter Market operating in this location on these days.

Promotional Area 3:  Bromley Market Square

Area size 13m by 13m. Situated at the top of Bromley High Street in the open space where Market Square joins the High Street, this is the largest and busiest of the promotional spaces available. The space is suitable for a vehicle or mobile unit and/or a marquee or display.  This area is not available on Thursday’s, Friday’s or Saturday’s due to the Bromley Charter Market operating in this location on these days.

Promotional Area 4: Outside 132-138 High Street (WHSmith)

Area size 3m by 3m. Sited a third of the way along the High Street, near to WHSmith. This space is suitable for a stall or small marquee. This space is not available on Thursday’s, Friday’s and Saturday’s due to the Bromley Charter Market operating in this location on these days.

Promotional Area 5: Outside 91-95 High Street (H&M)

Area size 10m by 5m. Suitable for a display, vehicle or mobile units, this location is sited at the southern end of the pedestrianised high street.

Bromley Council will seek to ensure a balance between the different activities on the High Street so not all areas may be hired out at any one time. 




Area 1 Upper Terrace


 Area 2 outside Barclays


Area 3 Market Square

13mx 13m

Area 4 outside WHSmith


Area 5 outside H&M


Monday £50 £75 £75 £50 £75
Tuesday £50 £75 £75 £50 £75
Wednesday £50 £75 £75 £50 £75
Thursday N/A N/A N/A N/A £75
Friday N/A N/A N/A N/A £75
Saturday N/A N/A N/A N/A £150
Sunday  £75 £100 £200 £75 £100
Full week booking N/A N/A N/A N/A £625
6 day booking N/A N/A N/A N/A £525
5 day booking  N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A  £375

How to book a promotional area

  1. Please read and adhere to the terms and conditions before applying. We reserve the right to reject any application that does not meet any part of them.  
  2. Select which promotional area that you would like to book, and for which days. 
  3.  Complete the booking form, with which you will need to provide the following
  • Valid public liability insurance for the period applied for with a minimum value of £5million. This must indemnify both you and Bromley Council against any claims made for damages to persons and property. 
  • A copy of a risk assessment that you have undertaken for your event.  

You can download a copy of our  risk assessment template  if it is easier, however we will accept them in any format so long as it addresses:

-    All the hazards that come with your activity
-    Who might be harmed and why
-    What you already do to minimise the risks of said hazard
-    Any further action that needs to be undertaken to further reduce the risk 
-    Who will carry out these actions and when they will do it
-    A risk rating score for each hazard. For information on how to calculate these and what they will then require from you, please see the template. 

If you do not have a risk assessment available it will need to be provided prior to the booking date, as we will not allow any promotional activity to take place without it. 

Complete booking form for Bromley Town Centre promotional area.

What happens next 

Once we have received your application a council representative will then review your application and either:

  • Agree to your promotional space area and contact you to confirm your booking and issue an invoice for the booking fee which will contain instructions of how to pay. In order to try and accommodate your request, we may contact you to slightly alter your application, and will confirm your booking if our request is acceptable to you. 
  • Refuse your application and give their reasons why.

This will generally be due to:

  • we currently have similar promotional activities taking place on the High Street.
  • your risk assessment does not meet our requirements
  • the application fails to meet our terms and conditions.

We aim to acknowledge and process the application within 4 working days so please ensure that you allow the council this time period in order to process the application in good time before you wish to start trading.

If you do not hear from us within the time period allowed please complete our temporary highway licence enquiry form.

The granting of your promotional area hire application will entitle you to:

Conduct your promotional activity within the space applied for the number of days applied for. Bromley Council reserves the right to add extra conditions to your application. If this applies to your application they will be stipulated to you before it is granted. 

If required as part of the application, a vehicle access permit to the pedestrianised part of the High Street via the retractable bollard at the junction with Elmfield Road is available. You will be responsible for following all of the terms and conditions of this permit as part of your licence. 

Data protection and privacy

For information on how we will use, process and store your personal data please see our privacy notice.