Help us keep your street free of snow and ice by becoming a Snow Friend.

In addition to the 280 miles of priority routes that our winter service gritting crews treat, you could play an important part in keeping the borough moving by supporting our work in residential side streets which are not part of this operation. 

Snow Friends are local people who volunteer to clear snow and ice in their street within a Snow Friends group led by a Snow Friend coordinator.

Bromley Council offers guidance for both Snow Friends and Snow Friend coordinators.

Each co-ordinator will:

  • liaise with us and their group,
  • promote the scheme to neighbours,
  • inform us of the streets their group is willing to remove snow from,
  • take receipt of supplies for their group and arrange for their distribution/collection,
  • receive snowfall forecast alerts for the borough,
  • feedback their snow clearance success to the Council

Please be aware that any additional supplies of scoops and salt will not be delivered when snow is falling. Requests for additional supplies will be taken from coordinators and deliveries will resume when appropriate after the snow event.

Interested in becoming a Snow Friend?

If you would like to become Snow Friend please complete our registration form to join an existing group or to start a group of your own.

Become a Snow Friend

Further information 

You may like to find out more about our other volunteer groups like Street Friends who help us by removing litter and reporting problems such as graffiti in their street; Tree Friends who monitor the health of street trees and carry out small maintenance tasks; and Park Friends who care for their local parks and green spaces.