Housing associations are non-profit organisations that have been approved by and registered with Homes England to own, manage and provide social housing.

The housing associations with most housing units in Bromley are:

All of Bromley's former council housing (since 1992) is now owned and managed by Clarion Housing Group, the largest housing association in Bromley. We work closely with housing associations and other agencies to increase the quantity and quality of social housing in the borough. 

Some associations operate low cost home ownership schemes, which allow tenants to part own and part rent their homes. This is also known as shared ownership.

How can I become a housing association tenant?

Housing associations provide accommodation to people who cannot afford to rent privately. Some associations provide supported housing, for example for older people with support needs or people with a learning disability.

The demand for housing association accommodation in Bromley greatly exceeds supply, and most housing associations do not accept direct applications from the public. Social housing in Bromley is allocated using a 'choice-based lettings' system called Bromley Homeseekers.
Associations also have to provide housing for their existing tenants who need to move because their families have grown or because there is some pressing need. This means that there is limited scope for re-housing anyone else.  

I am a housing association tenant. Who do I contact with questions about my property?

If you are a tenant and have questions about any of the following, please contact the housing association which is your landlord.

  •  Parking on housing estates.
  • Renting a garage.
  • Lighting on estate roads and in communal areas in blocks of flats.
  • Repairs, maintenance or property queries; such as housing repairs, alterations to properties, empty properties and modernisation schemes.
  • Services for tenants; such as support to cope with living independently; changes to tenancy; right to buy; introductory tenancies; nuisance or harassment matters; and home/mutual exchange.
  • Rent and charges; such as rent or garage payments or arrears, communal heating charges, leaseholder charges, housing rent setting, home insurance.
  • Squatters and unauthorised occupants in a housing association property.

How can housing association tenants complain?

Housing associations have policies and procedures which determine how they manage their properties. If you are a housing association tenant and you have a complaint against your landlord, you should follow their complaints procedure. If you are a tenant of Clarion or any other housing association please see their complaints procedure for advice about how to do this.

If you have gone through all the stages of the complaints procedure and are still not satisfied, you can contact the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman

Where can I get further information?

Further information on housing associations can be obtained from the Housing Options and Advice Team, your local Citizens Advice.