We will licence banners in the following locations:

  • Beckenham and Penge High Street on our licenced cross road fixings, which allow for banners to be erected over the highway between the respective buildings. To use these you must firstly obtain the written permission of the property owners (for which they may charge) and include it within your application. If you require these details please contact us.
  • On our park railings. 

We do not allow banners in any other location in the borough

Banners in Beckenham and Penge High Street 

You must specify in your application what the wording will be on your banner. The content of the banner must relate to the event itself. Advertising promoting any third party company/business will not be permitted. This includes placing the details of any corporate sponsor of a community event on a banner. 

Any character or symbol as part of the wording of any banner must not be more than 0.75m in height. 

Illumination will not be permitted on any banner. 

No part of any banner may be less than 7m above the highway, and there should be no interference with either street lighting or any other items of street furniture. We will not allow any banners on pedestrian safety railings as these hinder the view of drivers and distract them when approaching a junction/crossing. 

Banners must be put up and taken down early on a Sunday morning.. 

Banners must not under any circumstances be placed on any Christmas light fixings. 

Licences authorising a banner will be valid for a period of  three weeks. As part of this three week period:
•    The banner must not be displayed for earlier than 28 days before the first day on which the event is to take place. 
•    The banner must not still be displayed for longer than 14 days after the end of an event. 

Bromley Council reserves the right to make alterations to this period on any application.

Banners on park railings 

Our  grounds maintenance contractor idverde may permit the placing of park banners on its park railings. However these banners must: 
•    Be for a community event that is going to take place within the park in question. 
•    Not advertise any third party business/organisation.

Banners for community events outside of a Bromley park but within Bromley itself may be permitted by exception. 

Once permission has been granted to display banners, they must then comply with the following:

•    No advertisement may exceed 0.6 square metre in area. 
•    No advertisement may be displayed earlier than 28 days before the first day on which the event or activity is due to take place. 
•    The advertisement shall be removed within 14 days after the end of the event or activity. 
•    Illumination is not permitted. 
•    No character or symbol on the advertisement may be more than 0.75m in height, or 0.3m in an area of special control. 
•    No part of the advertisement may be more than 4.6 metres above ground, or 3.6 metres in an area of special control. 

Any enquiries regarding banners for this type of location should be redirected to idverde at enquiriesbromley@idverde.co.uk (please do not apply to Bromley Council)