Park user satisfaction survey logo. White tree, white bench sun on green background

The Park User Satisfaction Survey is now closed. We are looking to publish and present the results from the survey in our November PDS Committee Meeting.

The Survey will re-open in mid-2024.

The council’s annual park user satisfaction survey asks you to give us your feedback on our parks and open spaces.

The council is changing the format of the survey to give more residents an opportunity to let us know what matters about their local parks, woodlands and open spaces. We are therefore launching the survey online and making it open to all residents instead of randomly selecting addresses for a postal survey.

This survey is seeking to collect views on your general satisfaction in relation to parks and open spaces.  Please let us know about any specific problems in Bromley's streets or parks at report a problem in Bromley’s streets or parks.

The park user satisfaction survey results are one of our key performance indicators for our parks management and grounds maintenance service, and your feedback helps shape the council’s decision making.

For example, last year residents highlighted concerns about facilities in our parks and open spaces. The council not only ringfenced and spent £290k of its maintenance budgets for investment in parks, but also launched the £1million Platinum Jubilee Parks Fund which enables communities to apply for and direct investment in parks and open spaces in the projects that most matter to them.

We have also committed £567k to replace the bridge at Kelsey Park and have awarded a contract to commence work on the restoration of the Croydon Road Bandstand made famous by David Bowie.

We are pleased to have enhanced recreation and leisure opportunities in our parks.  Last summer, we opened a new BMX Pump Cycle Track at Hoblingwell Recreation Ground and more recently have confirmed grant funding of £230k from the Lawn Tennis Association to renovate four of the borough’s tennis courts and improve security at an additional four courts.

We know that improving biodiversity is also important to our residents, and we have recently launched a pilot trial of Nature Friendly Verges at eleven sites across the borough, and in the autumn, we will be launching a regenerative planting trial at 10 bedding sites, all for the benefit of our wildlife. We have also extended our Brilliant Butterflies project into several open spaces across the borough, establishing wildlife havens for pollinators.

The council remains committed to improving its parks and open spaces. The budget for 2023/24 includes an additional £400k to spend on managing and maintaining our parks and open spaces for the benefit of those who live, work and visit in the borough.