We have the power to investigate and remove vehicles that are considered abandoned and that are untaxed.

There is no legal definition of an abandoned vehicle and before we can decide that a vehicle is abandoned it must be investigated and attempts made to give any parties a reasonable time period in which to make their interest known.  

Once we are satisfied that a vehicle is abandoned we will make arrangements to remove the vehicle. 

Untaxed vehicles

After a tax disc expires the DVLA usually allow the registered keeper the following calendar month in which to renew their tax (backdated to the start of that month).

Please do not report untaxed vehicles to us until after that one month grace period.

You are able to check if a vehicle is taxed via the GOV.UK website. You will need the vehicle registration and make.

Under EU legislation, vehicles from the European Union are permitted to be in the UK for a period of six months before registering with the DVLA for tax purposes.

From October 1 2014 it is no longer a legal requirement to display a physical tax disc on a vehicle as the DVLA are taxing vehicles online.

If a vehicle is causing an obstruction or a danger to other road users it should  be reported to the police. If a vehicle is parked in violation of parking restrictions you can request parking enforcement

Report an abandoned or untaxed vehicle

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Disposing of unwanted vehicles

We operate a take-back scheme for residents to dispose of unwanted vehicles free of charge.  It is less costly to us to dispose of a surrendered vehicle than to investigate and remove an abandoned vehicle.  Please help us to keep costs down by using our surrendered vehicle service.

Nuisance vehicles on private land

Where expressed permission is given by the land owner or a managing agent acting on the freeholder’s behalf Bromley Council can investigate nuisance vehicles on privately owned land.  Confirmation of ownership through copies of relevant land titles and proof of residence may be required.

There is a non-refundable administration charge of £41 per vehicle.  

The investigation includes site visits, all relevant DVLA checks and the serving of any required notices on the vehicle.

Where a registered keeper or interested party is identified from the investigation we will write to the keeper and also pass all information to the land owner or managing agent.  Responsibility for liaising further with the keeper thereafter and arranging removal rests with the land owner.

If the vehicle is found to be abandoned the removal of the vehicle will be undertaken free of charge by Bromley Council

Apply and pay for a vehicle on private land to be investigated