Street cleaning scheduling

Our street sweeping frequency for roads within the borough is directly related to how busy they are. This means that main roads and busy town centres are cleaned more frequently than say a quiet residential road.

Streets are swept either by mechanical sweeping vehicles, manual sweeping or a combination of the two operations. However all footways are swept at least fortnightly and our carriageways are swept at least once a month.

Our cleansing operations are planned to minimise disruption to those who live and work in the borough. Therefore, where possible, the schedules of our street cleaning crew are co-ordinated with the peak times of traffic movements and the collection of domestic refuse and the collection of recyclables.

We amend our routine schedule of cleansing on and around Bank Holidays to suit ensuring streets are visited within three days of the routine scheduled visit. 

You can check the frequency of a road’s street cleansing and the next scheduled sweep.

Reporting problems

Report missed domestic collections and overflowing bins using our missed collection form.

Report a problem with street litter bins

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