Dead animals

As part of our responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of the borough's streets, we will remove dead animals from the highway and other public spaces.

We aim to remove dead animals from roads, pavements and public open spaces within two working days of it being reported to us. For larger animals this may take longer. 

If you see a dead animal, you can report it to us so we can remove it. As any animal smaller than a cat will be collected during normal scheduled street cleaning operations, these do not need to be reported.

Report a dead animal

Enter a postcode, or street name/area:

If the animal is a dog or cat, we will try to trace the owner through information on the collar or by scanning for a microchip. Where the owners's details are found, we will let them know them that their pet has been picked up.

How can I dispose of a dead animal?

We do not provide a service to remove dead pets from your home or property. You will need to contact a local veterinary surgery or private contractor for advice. 

If you are a resident, you may place a wild dead animal (for example fox) in two sealed bags at the edge of your property and then report it to us and we will remove it. Please use the Dead Animal option under the Street Cleansing category and use the map marker and report description to clearly indicate the property number/name where the bagged animal is sited.


Dead cats collected and identification