Tourist signs

The main purpose of these signs is to guide visitors to tourist attractions such as: 

  • picnic areas
  • museums/galleries
  • parks/gardens
  • sporting facilities
  • hotels/guest houses

Tourism signs should only be used where it benefits road users and not as a means to promote or otherwise a tourist establishment.

Tourist signs require approval by Bromley Council.

Application criteria 

The attraction should be a permanently established site open to visitors without prior booking for a minimum period (100-150 days) and attracting large numbers of visitors (over 250,000 different visitors per year).

The attraction must demonstrate that it seeks to attract visitors from outside the locality through publicity and advertising in support of entitlement to signing. This might include leaflet distribution to tourist information centres, websites or participation in joint tourism marketing initiatives. Publicity must provide clear directions for motorists and details of public transport access to the attraction and, ideally, a map.

The attraction must make provision for disabled visitors and comply with the requisite accessibilities Acts such as the Disability Discrimination Act.

The attraction should be accredited through the relevant national standard.

Signing for an attraction will not be permitted if the premises are located on and accessible from a main road and clearly visible to passing traffic.

Signs are not provided for schools, colleges, churches, commercial premises and business premises.

Tourist destination (white on brown) directional signs must comply with the TSRGD (Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions) and must also comply with the design guidance provided in Chapter 7 of the Traffic Signs Manual.

Request permission for a tourist sign

Requests for new tourist signs are managed by our Traffic Team. Consideration will always be given to requests, but it is important to remember that strict rules and regulations cover all road markings and signs on the public highway.

As the applicant, you will need to cover the cost of any agreed tourist signs an estimate of cost will be provided once an application has been received.

If you would like to request a tourist sign for your attraction please complete the traffic enquiry form.