White bar access markings

These markings on the highway across a dropped kerb or driveway are advisory and act as a deterrent against obstructive parking.

What action can be taken?

White bar access markings cannot be enforced, but they have proved reasonably successful in preventing inconsiderate parking, as the area where access is required is clearly indicated.

Applying for white bar markings

New white bar markings will only be considered in roads where all of the following principles apply:

  • the turning of vehicles in or out of a driveway is a regular problem, 
  • there are no waiting restrictions (yellow lines) or other carriageway markings that would conflict, 
  • if the access or driveway is shared with a neighbour, agreement to having a white bar marking across both driveways has been sought.  (In these circumstances, the neighbour will also be required to pay the application fee and should therefore be consulted in advance of applying for such a marking).

The fee per application/residence is £150.

An engineer will visit the site and a decision will be made as to whether a white bar marking can be installed - not all applications are successful.  This process takes around 4-6 weeks and the work of installing the marking is weather dependent.

Please make a request if your circumstances meet the criteria and you wish to apply. 

Worn/faded white bar markings

Any existing worn or faded white bar markings can be repainted at a cost of £150.

 If you would like to request repainting of the white bar marking outside your property, please complete the request form.

 White bar marking request form