Temporary signs

Temporary traffic signs may be erected for a limited period to guide traffic going to special events, such as shows, major sporting events or other public gatherings that are expected to attract large volumes or traffic. The event should attract at least 250 vehicles per day from outside the local area and should provide adequate parking off the public highway.

Housing Development signs are not permitted in the London Borough of Bromley. 

Who can erect temporary signs?

All temporary traffic signs require approval by Bromley Council prior to erection.  Only signs erected, removed and maintained by approved organisations will be considered for approval. 

The signs are usually provided by the AA or RAC or similar organisation, which offers a specialist service and provide a suitable indemnity.  The Cyclist’s Touring Club (CTC) also has permission to erect signs relating to cycle races only.

The applicant will be charged £50 per sign for 2 months approval.  Approved sign erection organisations may charge additional fees.


If the signs are not removed within the stipulated timescales then the actual cost incurred by Bromley Council in removing the signs will be charged to the organiser.


Guidelines and restrictions 

Temporary signs must only be erected one or two days before the event and removed by the applicant within two days of the event finishing.

As the signs are not intended to advertise the event the inclusion of dates and times should not normally be included. (In certain circumstances Bromley Council may wish to include times and dates so as to advise other road users about likely congestion).

The sign’s legend must only name the venue and not the event, nor contain any reference to either the event or the name/logos of the companies/organisations involved in the event.

Traffic signs for special events should never display telephone numbers, internet addresses or any contact details.

Traffic Advisory Leaflet 04/11, Temporary Traffic Signs for special events  gives advice on the circumstances in which these signs may be used, their design, construction and mounting.

What information is needed to process an application

The applicant needs to provide   The applicant will provide a map showing the locations of the signs, a sign schedule and a design of each sign. Payment must be received in advance of any processing

Request a temporary sign

Requests for new tourist signs are managed by our Traffic Team. Consideration will always be given to requests, but it is important to remember that strict rules and regulations cover all road markings and signs on the public highway.

If you would like to request a tourist sign please complete the traffic enquiry form.