In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the council is pleased to launch its new Wake Up 2 Care Initiative.

What is Wake UP 2 Care?

Wake Up 2 Care is a recruitment and retention initiative created and led by the London Borough of Bromley.  Its main aim is to support care homes and domiciliary home care providers across the borough by helping to recruit carers. The council recognises that as the demand for care and support grows, so does the need to recruit and retain more workers to deliver high quality care and support.

Why a career in care?

The council has a vital role in safeguarding some of the most vulnerable people in society. In these challenging times, it is essential we continue to deliver and support critical services as lives depend on it. Providers are experiencing staff shortages as a direct result of COVID-19.

Choosing a career in care, you are offering vulnerable residents your time, talents and life experience. In return, you will develop confidence, skills, friendship, but most of all the satisfaction of helping others.

The initiative seeks to recruit and develop candidates via 3 development pathways:-

  1. Voluntary care workers
  2. Experienced care workers
  3. Care workers who are new to the profession

Most importantly, we want to recruit and develop people who share the following values:

  • A commitment to quality care and improving lives
  • Treating the people we support with compassion
  • Showing dignity and respect to the people we support and work with.

Are you interested in joining the Wake Up 2 Care programme?

Complete expression of interest

Wake Up 2 Care Team

Telephone: 020 8313 4050