Temporary highway licences - overview

Bromley Council grants permission for a variety of structures to be placed on its highways including builders skips, building materials, hoarding, scaffolding, mobile scaffolding towers, cherry pickers, storage containers, banners, poppies and festive lights. 

Upon approval of the structure, we will issue a temporary highway licence to the applicant. This licence will grant permission for the structure to be on the highway for a set period of time and will contain certain conditions which must be met. These conditions will ensure that that each applicant takes appropriate measures to both safeguard and reduce disruption to other highway users. 

We will process your application and notify you of the outcome. Under no circumstances should any structure be placed on the highway until you have received your licence

Any unlicensed structure on the highway will be viewed as an obstruction and the responsible party may be subject to a penalty fine and/or it may be seized and removed by Bromley Council. Any structure that breaches the terms and conditions of the licence may be subject to further penalties. 

When do I need a licence?

The situations where you will require a licence is detailed on each individual licence page, as they can differ slightly between structures.

Will I require any other licence or consent? 

There may be occasions when you require either an additional licence or consent in order to be able to place your structure on the highway which are detailed on the individual licence pages. Where additional consent is required, please allow extra time while we liaise with the relevant third parties.

Can I renew my licence?

Bromley Council sets limits on the length of time that each structure can be placed on the highway. Any extension or renewal of the licence will require a new application. 

Appeal a refused licence

Anyone who believes they have been unfairly refused a temporary highway licence can appeal.

Appeal a refused temporary highway licence

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