Festive lights and christmas decorations

Consent from Bromley Council is needed to place/erect festive lights or christmas decorations on or over the highway. This permission is given by granting a temporary highway licence.

When is a licence required

A licence is required for any festive Lights/christmas decorations that either oversail or are affixed to any London Borough of Bromley highway assets on one of the following at any time:

  • Any public highway over which Bromley Council has authority and maintains at the public expense. 
  • Any unadopted highway upon which Bromley Council must ensure that the public have a ‘right of passage’ and the ability to pass and repass. 

A licence is not required on private roads where public access is restricted or controlled. 

Transport for London (TfL) is responsible for licencing any festive lighting/seasonal decorations on any TfL Red Route within the borough, which are: 

  • The A21 (starts on the borough Boundary with Lewisham on London Road, and comprises Tweedy Road, Kentish Way, Masons Hill, Bromley Common, Hastings Road, Farnborough Common, Farnborough Way and Sevenoaks Road before finishing within the borough at Hewitts Roundabout)
  • The A232 (starts on the borough boundary with Croydon at Wickham Road and comprises West Wickham High Street, Glebe Way and Croydon Road before meeting the A21 at Farnborough Common)

All enquiries that relate to these locations should therefore be redirected to TfL - highway licences

Applying for a licence

The council has a festive lighting policy, guidance notes, and risk assessment template to support the licensing of festive lights and christmas decorations.  All applicants should read and understand these as the London Borough of Bromley reserves the right to reject any application that fails to meet any part of them.

In order to consider a request you will need to complete an online application, the process for which is explained in our festive lighting policy (PDF - 581.16 KB).

We ask that all applications are submitted at least two months in advance of your proposed switch-on date.

The responsibility for obtaining and following all regulations of the licence is solely that of the applicant 

Any festive lighting/christmas decorations that have been erected that:

  • Are unlicenced
  • Are in contravention of the licence conditions. 
  • Are considered by the London Borough of Bromley to be dangerous
  • Has damaged or altered any street furniture in any way.
  • Uses any electricity for which the applicant does not have permission
  • Require any visits by our contractor to maintain the safety of the public

Can result in enforcement action being taken including penalty charges levelled and/or the seizure, disconnection and removal of the items in question. 

How long is the licence granted for?

Licences will be valid for a period of around two months from mid-November until early January. At the end of the licence period the London Borough of Bromley will expect all installations to be de-energised immediately and removed from the site within 10 working days. 

Licence conditions

Once you application has been approved, you will be issued with a licence that will contain certain conditions to ensure that other highway users are safeguarded while the festive lights are in-situ. 

We reserve the right to add extra conditions depending upon the location and nature of the installations. If this applies to your application they will be listed under the special conditions on the licence.

Please note that the London Borough of Bromley is not responsible for carrying out any of the safety checks required as part of the application process. However, all festive lighting can be subject to random inspections by our operatives once installed. 

A laminated copy of the licence must be displayed on site in a suitably visible location at all times and contain the details of an emergency contact number as per the licencing process. 

Bromley High Street

Should you need to access Bromley High Street as part of your licence you will also require a vehicle access permit. Please ensure that you allow Bromley Council two working days before the required date to process the permit.

Cost of licence

Bromley Council does not charge to grant the licence itself, however please note that you may accrue additional charges as part of the licencing process (e.g. the use of the electrical supply from UK Power Networks).

Apply for a licence

Please complete our festive lighting licence application form

 We cannot accept attachments that exceed 15MB in total. If the size of all your attachments totals this please reduce them in size. 

If you have not heard from us within 10 working days, please contact us.


Anyone who believes that they have been unfairly refused a licence can appeal

Appeal a refused licence

Data protection and privacy

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