Parking dispensations - conditions of use

1. Dispensation information

Definition of a parking dispensation

A parking dispensation can be prearranged to provide the applicant with an exemption to park on single or double yellow lines during the restricted period. Details of the dispensation can be verified by a Civil Enforcement Officer through the vehicle registration number.

2. Who can apply and notice required

Anyone can apply for a parking dispensation by registering through the Bromley permit portal.

  • Applicants should submit their application for a dispensation at least 1 working day before the required start date. The council has a duty to assess the application prior to approval, which may involve visiting the location to identify the likely impact on residents and businesses. (Working days do not include Saturdays, Sundays or Bank Holidays).
  • Where an application is received less than 1 working day before the start date, the dispensation may not be approved by the start date.
  • A dispensation will only be valid when it has been authorised and confirmed by the council. If a confirmation email has not been received, the applicant should not assume their dispensation has been approved.

3. Prevention of fraud

The council reserves the right to inspect the vehicle. Inspections will be carried out by authorised officers/agents of the council, at all reasonable times, for the purpose of verifying the works and/or validity of the dispensation.

The council reserves the right to terminate the dispensation at any time, possibly with immediate effect, if the purpose of the dispensation as set out in the application is not adhered to.

A dispensation is approved on the basis that failure to comply with any of the terms and conditions may result in the issue of a Penalty Charge Notice under the terms of the Traffic Management Act 2004.

4. Where can I park?

  • Only the vehicle(s) stated in the application may park on a single yellow line at the location applied for and in connection with the purpose given in the application.
  • A dispensation does not allow the applicant to park on other restrictions, including:
    • permit bays*
    • disabled bays
    • bays reserved for doctors, ambulances, taxis, etc.
    • pay by phone bays
    • across dropped kerbs
    • in an area that is subject to a loading ban
    • bus stops - footways/grass verges
    • school entrance zig zags during restricted hours
    • pedestrian crossing zig zags

*If the requirement involves parking in a permit bay, the resident can apply for more than the maximum annual allowance of visitors’ vouchers.

  • The applicant is responsible for renewing an expired dispensation and should allow at least 24 hours for processing the renewal application.

5. How long can I have a dispensation for?

  • An application can be made for a maximum of one month initially with the possibility to extend, if the dispensation is required for a longer period.
  • The applicant is responsible for renewing an expired dispensation and should allow at least 24 hours for processing the renewal application. We reserve the right to refuse an extension.

6. Important information

Please note:

  1. Even if a dispensation has been approved, the vehicle must be relocated if requested by a Civil Enforcement Officer, Police Officer, or Council Officer. This will only happen in circumstances where emergency access is required, or traffic flow is impeded.
  2. Vehicle(s) must be parked in a manner that creates no hazard to pedestrians or other road users, does not obstruct sight lines at junctions and does not obstruct access or the free flow of traffic.
  3. Dispensations are not transferable, and refunds will not be given for periods of unused time.