Out of hours noise service

Service update: The operational hours of our out of hours service have changed.

We aim to provide a responsive noise service on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday nights (between 7pm and 2am) for ongoing ' eligible emergency' noise problems which are:

  • Noisy parties.
  • Noise issues on the referral list that are occurring at the time of the call (referral case reference number required).
  • Continuous intruder alarms.
  • Noisy construction sites still operating between 7pm and 2am on Saturday, Sunday or a Bank Holiday.
  • Licensed premises (loud music).

The service is not for dealing with new noise complaints, unless they fall into the above categories. Complaints made out of hours will still be logged by the call centre, but will be passed to the main office for the next working day.

What we will do

You will be connected to the out of hours call centre who will record the details of the complaint. You will need to provide your name, address and contact telephone number along with the details of the complaint including the address where the nuisance is occurring.

If these details are not provided, this will affect the ability to investigate the complaint.

  • Anonymous complaints will not be accepted.
  • Between 7pm and 2am Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holidays, if your out of hours issue is eligible and the noise is a problem at the time of your call, the details of the will be passed to the emergency duty noise officer who will prioritise the complaint based on case history, the nature of disturbance, and the number of residents affected. The emergency duty noise officer will call you back to explain the next steps, which may require a visit to your premises and the particular room affected.
  • During periods of high demand, delays in response may occur, and visits to premises may not be possible. This also applies if your call was received during the last operational hour of the service, or where resources are affected for some reason. In these instances you will be advised and the case will be progressed within office hours.
  • If your complaint is not deemed eligible for an emergency response, your complaint will be logged and referred to the nuisance and antisocial behaviour team for investigation during office hours.

What we expect of you

  • If the noise ceases before officers attend, call the service to cancel your visit request, so that we may attend another resident.
  • In interactions with officers on the phone and in person residents are expected to be courteous.
  • You may be asked to provide a supporting statement in cases where enforcement action is necessary.
  • You may need to allow access to your home for officers to assess the noise within it.
  • It is necessary to provide clear and accurate information about the nature of your complaint including the location, duration and frequency of the noise.

Out of hours noise service

7:00pm to 2:00am on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays.

Telephone: 0300 303 8671

Public protection

Telephone: 0300 303 8657