Non-recyclable refuse collection

Every other week we will collect your refuse which could include:

  • waste items not included in your recycling service
  • pet waste (please double-bag)
  • disposable nappies and incontinence pads (please double-bag)
  • plastic-film
  • plastic bags
  • plastic toys
  • polystyrene (cups and trays)
  • ash and Vacuum bags and dust
  • glass - please wrap carefully
  • cooking oil and fat* (please place in a sealed container and cool)

Please don't put these in your refuse:

  • any materials we can recycle
  • garden waste
  • large bulky items
  • construction and demolition waste

In your non-recyclable refuse collection, please ensure that this waste is securely contained and left out for collection in the normal way. If you do use a wheelie bin to store your waste, please use standard size refuse sacks. We do not provide containers for non-recyclable refuse.

*Oils and fats may create blockages if disposed of in the kitchen sink. 

Recycling and waste management

Telephone: 0300 303 8658