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This online carer’s self-assessment is for people caring for an adult in Bromley - even if the person being cared for does not receive services from Bromley Adult Social Care.

The Care Act 2014 Guidance says: Where an individual provides or intends to provide care for another adult and it appears that the carer may have any level of needs for support, local authorities must carry out a carers assessment.

This form is used for collecting information to assess your needs as a carer to see what emotional and/or practical support you may need.

The London Borough Bromley are running an Online Carers Assessment Pilot to see if this is the most helpful way of ensuring people who care for relatives, friends or neighbours can be provided with a timely response.

This form should take approximately 20 minutes.

Each page of the form has a time limit of 60mins, please make sure you complete each page within this time or you may loose your informaiton and the form will time-out, this is for security reasons if you are using a shared pc.  Our forms also don’t allow for the use of the browser back button as this will crash the form and you will loose the pages you have already completed.

More information on carers assessment

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