Complaints - We are only able to investigate complaints where there is a potential public health risk. Before making your complaint please read the information we have provided about the types of complaints we are able to deal with.

Please continue if you have checked to see if we can deal with your complaint. If we receive a complaint that is not of public health significance we will refer you back to our website to the information we have provided, to help you deal with your complaint.

Please note: The food team cannot help you to obtain a refund or compensation as a result of a food complaint or food poisoning.

Requests for food safety advice:  Unfortunately we are no longer able to provide individual food safety guidance or advice directly to food businesses, community groups or local residents.  We have however provided comprehensive information and guidance on food safety to assist with your enquiry. 

Use of your personal data
The London Borough of Bromley may use your personal data without your specific consent to provide you with one or more council services, and to comply with the council’s statutory and legal obligations. Information about how the council uses and protects personal data and about personal data rights is available at