Road and pavement defects

All of the publicly maintained roads in the borough receive regular safety inspections on a frequency related to their classification within the network.  Any actionable defects identified on those inspections will have remedial works raised.

Where specific problems are reported providing location details we aim to inspect and assess within five working days; where there is an actionable safety defect a suitable job will be raised.  We will not undertake large scale works to resurface or undertake full road inspections upon request.

Jobs to repair issues are raised on timescales according to the priority and risk of the defect.  Please allow for up to 35 calendar days for works to be undertaken.

In addition we have a maintenance programme for all roads and pavements in the borough, typically we renew 30 miles of roads and pavements a year.  We also provide information on our planned schedule of highway maintenance. This programme is agreed each autumn for implementing from the following April, therefore any requests for resurfacing will be evaluated as part of this process.

Road and pavement defects on Transport for London ‘red routes’ (the A21 and A232), as indicated by red lines at the carriageway edge, are the responsibility of, and should be reported to Transport for London.

Covers in the carriageway and footway are part of utility company’s infrastructure and the responsibility of the relevant utility company.  While we are responsible for the highway surround of a cover, issues with the cover itself will be referred to the relevant utility to undertake an inspection and repairs as necessary.

Road and pavement defect relating to issues with utility infrastructure (such as water leaks) are also referred to the relevant utility company.

All utility companies undertaking works on the public highway require a permit from us which should be displayed on their works site. They also have a duty to reinstate the highway to the specifications set out in the New Roads and Street Works Act.  Defects related to a failure to do so will be referred back to the relevant utility to make good.

Although we co-ordinate road and pavement work across the borough we do not have responsibility for the utility works themselves.