Dumped rubbish

Dumped Rubbish primarily refers to larger scale items deliberately left or flytipped on the public highway or land. A single bag or small items are classified as street cleansing and dealt with as part of routine cleansing frequencies.

We aim to clear dumped rubbish from the public highway within five working days, dependent on the scale and location of the rubbish. Larger scale flytips may require arrangements for a specialist vehicle to remove it.

Rubbish dumped in our parks and greenspace areas is attended to by our park rangers; we do ask that as much information as possible is provided to assist in locating any dumped rubbish particularly in our larger parks.

If investigating a fly-tip for enforcement purposes we may keep the rubbish in situ, where it is safe to do so, while evidence is gathered. Arrangements for the collection of hazardous waste (once verified) are made with specialist contractors.

We will not remove dumped rubbish from private land including:


  • residential bin storage areas
  • residential gardens
  • private alleyways
  • areas maintained by Housing Associations
  • unadopted highways (unless obstructing passage)
  • land not owned or maintained by Bromley Council.

Significant flytipping on areas which are not public highway may be passed to our Environmental Health Team to investigate for possible enforcement action against the land owner. Bromley Council only have powers to enforce the removal of rubbish which contains material that could attract pests or pose a risk to public health.