Street weeds

We undertake a weed spraying programme three times a year (during Spring, Summer, and early Autumn) to clear weeds and grass on all paved public highway surfaces.  Each programme takes approximately five to six weeks to complete the entire road network.

The timing of the application of an approved systemic herbicide is subject to the appropriate weather conditions with spraying operations carried out in accordance with all current control of pesticides regulations and codes of practice.

Once sprayed it can take a few weeks for the herbicide to take full effect with evidence of ‘die-back’ before the residue is removed through routine scheduled street cleaning activities.

Once the programme is complete, if there are specific areas where the spray has not proved effective we will look to inspect and if required arrange for additional treatments or manual weed clearance.

Japanese Knotweed

Where Japanese Knotweed is identified on public land we will add the location to our treatment programme. 

Treatment consists of an initial cut down of the existing canes, leaving them on site in order to die before transporting them, if necessary, to a specialist waste depot. 

Our contractor will return to the site once the new shoots have reappeared on a 4-6 week basis during the growing season which is normally from May through to October. 

Treatment is carried out during the first 10 days of each month weather permitting. 

Please note that on average Japanese Knotweed takes at least 3 years to completely clear from the site. For more information please visit the Environment Agency website.