Blocked highway drains

Bromley Council are responsible for highway gullies and their connections to the surface water public sewage system. The surface water public sewage system itself is the responsibility of Thames Water.

We undertake a cyclic clean of all our highway drainage assets including roadside gullies. The majority are cleaned once every two years but in areas at risk of flooding road gullies are cleaned three times per year.

Where access is prohibited by parked cars we may arrange temporary parking restrictions or road closures to carry out the works, such restrictions must be co-ordinated and scheduled and cannot be undertaken upon request.

Where specific issues are reported, we aim to inspect within five working days to decide whether work needs to be to be undertaken. Typically we assess whether the gully pot is clear and whether water is flowing. Home drainage issues can only be assessed in wet conditions which may delay our response.

More complex, or less obvious drainage issues can take longer to resolve and may require investigation with CCTV and/or 3rd parties to establish where in the drainage infrastructure a blockage has occurred.

Pooling water can also be a result of natural gradients and road camber and may not be due to blockages within the drainage system itself.  Where such issues exist consideration may be given to including the location on our forward drainage works plan.

Debris on top of the gully grate will be referred to our street cleansing contractor for attendance.