Abandoned vehicles

We aim to undertake an initial inspection all reports of suspected abandoned vehicles within five working days.

There is no legal definition of an abandoned vehicle; if a vehicle is taxed or moves (even infrequently) it suggests an interested party and therefore not abandoned.

If a vehicle is thought to be abandoned attempts must be made to give any interested parties a reasonable time period in which to make their interest known. 

Under devolved powers from the DVLA, Bromley Council are able to serve notice on untaxed vehicles.

However untaxed vehicles cannot be impounded immediately and Bromley must adhere to the grace period (typically one month) given by the DVLA and the timeframes for any tax warning served. 

It is no longer a legal requirement to display a physical tax disc on a vehicle as the DVLA are taxing vehicles online.  You are able to check if a vehicle is taxed on the GOV.UK website. You will need the vehicle registration and make

If you believe the vehicle is causing an obstruction to the flow of traffic you should notify the local Safer Neighbourhood Team as the Police have powers to move vehicles posing an obstruction to traffic

Foreign plated vehicles

Foreign plated vehicle are permitted to remain in the UK for 6 months before it must register with the DVLA for tax purposes.

Vehicles bearing advertising

If a vehicle bears advertising on its bodywork for a service/business/website but is not advertising the vehicle itself for sale it is not classed as street trading and essentially falls into the same category of any branded vehicles carrying a company livery.

Vehicles on private land

Vehicles suspected of being abandoned on private land can be investigated by Bromley only if expressed permission is given by the land owner.There is an administration fee applicable for undertaking the investigation.